BLOG: Will Hillary RUN AGAIN in 2020? Some already say YES


Will Hillary run again in 2020? Get ready, some say — because it is a distinct possibility.

The rumors are already starting. Writes journalist Kay Ward at

“A Trump vs. Clinton redux in 2020 isn’t completely out of the question. After all, should Clinton have actually won Wednesday morning, she would have likely been looking to repeat a term after her first four years in the White House. Some would point to Clinton’s age as to a reason why the former Secretary of State wouldn’t run for another term — but, at 73 in 2020, she would still be one year younger than Trump, and the same age as Vice President Joe Biden, who many were touting for the presidency before he backed out of the 2016 race. (Not to mention two years younger than Bernie Sanders, who is six years older than his former opponent.)

“What’s more, even Trump supporters have said another face-off between the two candidates is possible. Just weeks ago, former U.S. Representative Newt Ginrich said he saw a repeat of the Trump vs. Clinton race in 2020 — even though he was assuming a Clinton victory. As he told POLITICO’s Open Mike, ‘I think it’s very possible.'”

Kate Ward is an experienced journalist — current Editor-in-Chief of, former Executive Editor of,  editor and writer for ‘Entertainment Weekly’ and, and a member of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Media.

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BLOG: Perceptive article “Here Come the Designer Fascists”


(Art:, source of article below)

“Here Come the Designer Fascists: The Perception Managers’ Last Hurrah” by Jasun Horsly is an excellent, thoughtful and provocative new article that takes a long and detailed look at some of the same weird and bizarre stuff covered in the new book The Occult Hillary Clinton. Things like accusations of mind control, occultism, pedophile rings and ritual murder among the ruling elite.

The article kicks off with a bang: “Rumors that Hillary Clinton is tied to a child trafficking pedophile ring that practices Satanic rituals based on Aleister Crowley’s Thelema religion? Say what?”

Highly recommended. But be warned — some of it is seriously disturbing.

The article can be found at:

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BLOG: The Bizarre CANNIBALISM Art on John Podesta’s Wall


CLINTON CAMPAIGN BOSS JOHN PODESTA, recently linked by Wikileaks to bloody ritual performances by occultist Marina Abramović, has bizarre artwork featuring CANNIBALISM hanging on his wall. So says TIME magazine as reported by Alex Jones. For more, see link below.

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Art Depicting Cannibalism Hangs in Podesta’s Campaign Office


BLOG: Whistleblower Hacker Guccifer Labels Hillary “High Priest … Goddess of Occult”

In mid-September 2016 Romanian hacker Guccifer (aka Marcel Lazăr Lehel) wrote Fox News a letter in which he said:

“Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton is one of the high priests, a goddess of this occult, satanic, shadow group. One must see their evil and profoundly corrupt nature to understand what I am talking about.”

Guccifer says he repeatedly hacked Hillary’s infamous email server. guccifer

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More on this story:…/

BLOG: Top Russian Church Exorcist: Hillary Shows “Clear Signs” of Demonic Possession

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BLOG: Shocking new book exposes the real Hillary Clinton


You’ve heard the rumors. Millions of Americans are wondering about Hillary. Is she a…

* Shapeshifting Blood-Drinking Reptilian * Satanic Priestess * Antichrist 666 * Voodoo Mambo * Demon-Possessed Witch * Communer with the Dead * Servant of Strange Entities from Other Dimensions * UFO Quisling * Conspirator * War Criminal *

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