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CHAPTER 1: Is Hillary a Human Being?

“Be Careful to ‘Be Real’”
Journalist: Clinton Sounds “reptilian … robotic”
Pulitzer Prize-Nominated Investigative Journalist: “A Spirit of Witchcraft…
Occultism… Fuliginous… A Curse”
Reptilian… Over and Over Again
“Like a virus or alien that needs a host body…”
Hillary: “I am not an alien creature…”
Hillary: “I am a real person!” Critics: Hillary Fails the “Turing Test”
Hillary: Like “a robot that is trying to become more human”
Hillary Shocker: “I’m really not even a human being”
Hillary: Is She a Monster in Human Guise?

CHAPTER 2: Hillary, Bill and… Voodoo
Bill Clinton: Early Voodoo Experiences
Bill and Hillary: “The King and Queen of Haiti”
Did Bill’s “Wanga” and Dirty Voodoo Underwear Help Him Defeat George H.W.    Bush?
Does Hillary Use Voodoo to Create a Private Army of Zombie Slaves?

CHAPTER 3: Communing with the Dead?
Necromancy in the White House?
Is Hillary a “World Server” Working for the Takeover of the World by the Antichrist Via the United Nations?

CHAPTER 4: Satanism and Demon Possession; Is Hillary Possessed by Demons — or the Devil?
The Case for Demon Possession Today
Ivy League Psychiatrist: “Demon Possession Is Real”
Scientists, Exorcism and Demon Possession
Could Demon Possession Cost Hillary the Election?
Is Hillary Possessed by Demons? Examining the Evidence
How Hillary’s Occult Activities Could Have Opened Her Up to Demon Possession
Does Hillary Show the Signs of Demonic Possession?
Witchcraft and Satanism: Clinton Insider Says Hillary Worships Satan
Demon Possession and the Reptilian Conspiracy
Republican Presidential Candidates Take the Lead in Fighting Demons
Hillary’s Dilemma: Millions of Voters Will Not Knowingly Support a Demon-Possessed Candidate

CHAPTER 5: Secret Symbols, Signs and Other Occult Imagery and Influences
Hillary’s Obscene Occult “Christmas” Tree
Hillary’s Luciferian Lapel Pin
Is Hillary a Mind-Controlling, Child-Abusing Wicked Witch of the West?
Hillary Flashes the Sign of Satan
Hillary, Saul Alinsky — and Satan

CHAPTER 6: Hillary and Demonic Rock Music
Hillary’s Rock Star Adviser: “We Seek Depravity”
“When the Lady Smiles”…Horror and Blasphemy

CHAPTER 7: 666: Is Hillary the Antichrist?
U.S. Congressman: “Hillary Is the Antichrist”
Who or What Is the Antichrist? What Is the Beast?
The Antichrist, the New World Order, and REAL ID
Hillary = 666
Hillary: 666… at Birth
Did Hillary Deliberately “Lose” to Barack Obama in 2008 – to Gain Occult Power?
The Antichrist: Female or Male?
Is Hillary Described in the Book of Revelation?

CHAPTER 8: Is Hillary a Giant Shapeshifting Reptilian Overlord?
Prime Minister Assures Public He’s Not a Shapeshifting Reptilian Alien, Honest
Facebook Founder: “I am Not a Lizard”
Reptilians: Millions of Americans Believe
Hillary and the “Penis of the Dragon”
TIME Magazine on the Reptilian Conspiracy
The Secret History of Reptilians and Humans
Mainstream Science Offers Evidence Backing the Reptilian Theory
Science Proves Shapeshifting Is Real
Enter Icke
John Rhodes: Reptilian “Sleeper Cells” and U.S. Politics
Thousands of Videos Claim to Show Hillary and Others Shapeshifting into Reptilians
Hillary, Exorcisms… and Reptilian Shapeshifting
Reptilian Continuity? Obama Administration Evades Reptilian Question
Reptilian Rule in Mass Media
Conclusion: “If it is anyone, it is Hillary”

CHAPTER 9: Project MONARCH: Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves, Ritual Child Abuse, and Murder
Do Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves Serve Bill and Hillary?
Evaluating the MONARCH Charges
1. The federal government had programs to create mind-controlled agents and slaves
2. The CIA and other participating government and private sector agencies knew that such experiments and activities were illegal, and continued doing them anyway
3. Such experiments were successful in creating mind-controlled assassins and mind-controlled sex slaves, as well as “sleeper agents” hidden within multiple personalities (so-called “Manchurian Candidates”) that could be awakened by the government when desired
4. Such experiments must necessarily have involved a vast number of players, including experts in such fields as psychology, hypnosis, drug abuse and other areas related to mind control; such experiments must also have involved the participation of some of the country’s leading institutions
5. U.S. government agents and contractors performed such dangerous, painful, invasive and criminal experiments on innocent unsuspecting American citizens, illegally, without their consent or knowledge
6. The U.S. government forced children to participate in such dangerous, painful, invasive and criminal experiments
7. Some alleged MONARCH victims claim to have experienced torture and abuse by Nazis, Satanists, and occultists. For this to be true there would need to be examples of collaboration between U.S. government agencies and such people
The Mengele Connection?
Nazi UFO Aliens?
Satanism, the Occult, and the U.S. Government
8.Because some of these claims are recent, we would need reason to believe that such experiments and programs are going on today (or at least in the very recent past)
9.We would need evidence that the Clintons and/or other ruling elite figures could be connected to pedophile rings, sexual abuse and related matters
Bill Clinton and the Billionaire Pedophile of “Orgy Island”
Bill’s Disturbing “Animalistic” Sexuality
Is Bill a Sex Addict?
Is Bill a Rapist?
Lip-Biting Rape
Is Hillary a Terrorist and Sexual Abuse Enabler?
MONARCH Implications of Bill’s Sexual Abuse
MONARCH Claims of World-Wide Pedophile Rings
Belgium: Signs of a Child Kidnapping Ring Cover-Up
Britain: “Jim’ll Fix It” – The Horrific and Well-Connected Life of Jimmy Savile
Britain: Operation Hydrant and more
The Catholic Church Pedophile Cover-Ups
Hollywood: Pedophile Networks and Mind Control; “MK-ULTRA mind-control rules in Hollywood”
Hollywood: The CIA Connection
Hollywood: The Screenwriter Who Lost His Hands
Satanism, Child Exploitation, the CIA and the Finders (Florida, Washington DC)
Conclusion: The Shocking Truths Behind the Claims of Alleged MONARCH Victims Against Hillary

CHAPTER 10: UFOS: The Clinton Connection
The Long Clinton Interest in UFOs
Bill and Hillary and UFOs
John Podesta:  Clinton UFO Point man
Hillary: “We May Have Already Been Visited by UFOs”
President Bill Clinton Hides Area 51 from Investigation — and Poisons Americans with Top-Secret Substances
Is Hillary’s Public UFO Interest Part of a False-Flag Conspiracy to Trick the World into Accepting a New World Order?
Canadian Defense Minister: “UFOs Are Real… and the U.S. Is Preparing to Launch an Intergalactic War Against Them”
The Voice of Vrillion: Prank, Encounter… or False-Flag Rehearsal?
NASA and the Occult
The Stargate Project: UFOs, Remote Viewing and Psychic Spooks
Top Secret America: U.S. Mystery Black Budget Programs
Secret Agencies

CHAPTER 11: Indications of Occult or Alien Power Manifested by Hillary
“Laser Beam” Eyes that “Pierce Skulls”
Hillary Does Not Sweat
Superhuman Powers of Endurance and Strength
Occult Manipulation of the Stock Market?
Mind Control/Hypnotism/Dream Control?

CHAPTER 12: Could It ALL Be True?

CHAPTER 13: Hillary’s Secret, Occult and Conspiratorial Societies
How the CIA Uses the Term “Conspiracy” to Hide the Crimes of Ruling Elites
Conspiracy Theory — or Power Elite Analysis?
Government Conspiracy: Millions of Americans Believe
The Clinton Conspiracy Network
Bill, Hillary and the Rhodes Conspiracy to Take Over the World
Bill and Hillary’s Relations with the Council on Foreign Relations
The Trilateral Commission
The Atlantic Council: “Crowning” Hillary for President
The Aspen Institute
The Fellowship (aka The Family, The International Foundation): “You guys are here to learn how to rule the world”
“Davos Man”: Davos World Economic Forum
The New World Foundation/Institute for Policy Studies
Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting
The Bilderbergers: “Bilding” a New World Order
Skull and Bones: Death, Depravity and Power Among America’s Ruling Elite
Bohemian Grove: Devil Worship and Symbolic Child Sacrifice Ceremonies of the Rich and Famous

CHAPTER 14: Hillary’s Disturbing Politics: Fascism, Communism, Terrorism, Statism, War Crimes and…?

Hillary: A “Liberal Fascist” and “Theocrat” with “Totalitarian” Ideas
Leading Liberal Magazine Says: Hillary Is No Liberal,  She’s a “Statist” Who Is Hostile to Civil Liberties – And Could Send Critics to “Re-Education Camps”
Echoes of Tyranny in Hillary’s “It Takes a Village”
Hillary’s Early Days: Seduced by Radical Politics in the Guise of Theology
Hillary’s College Journal: “Off the Pigs!”
Hillary’s Communist Summer Internship
Pardoning Violent U.S. Communist Terrorists
The Clintons and the Weather Underground
The Mainstreaming of the Weather Underground Terrorists?
Pardoning Yet More Communist Terrorists
Still More Terrorist-Related Pardons from President Clinton
Hillary and the Clinton Foundation: Helping the Russians Acquire Uranium?
Hillary: Helping Arm Terrorists, Despots and Authoritarian Regimes
Hillary: Friend of Tyrants and Despots Around the World
Final Note: Is Raising Such Issues Fair to Hillary?

 CHAPTER 15: Hillary Is Coming for Your Guns
Hillary’s Years of Anti-Gun Positions
Hillary: Put American Citizens on Secret Watch Lists to Deny Them Their Constitutional Rights
Hillary-Supported “Buy-Backs” Could Launch a Bloody U.S. Civil War
Hillary Promises “Administrative Action” to Overturn the Second Amendment
Hillary Proposes Thought Control on Gun Issues
Hillary’s Private Top Secret Army Will Remain Armed

CHAPTER 16: Hillary’s Secret Army: Terrorism, Harassment, Blackmail and More
“The Shadow Team”: Hillary’s Secret Police Force
More on Hillary’s Secret Police
Hillary’s “Private NSA”
Did Hillary Steal FBI Files — and Use Them for Blackmail?
Clinton Hit Man Confesses to Murders, Castration for Bill and Hillary
The Clinton Death Lists
Writers and Investigators Fear for Their Lives After Researching Clintons; Journalist Charges Hillary Is “Paranoid” and Has “Penchant for Doing Illegal Things”
Hillary Vs. the Internet and Free Speech

CONCLUSION: “What rough beast, its hour come round at last…?”

AFTERWORD: Is It Hopeless?





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