About the Book

hillary-book-coverYou’ve heard the rumors. Millions of Americans are wondering about Hillary. Is she a…

* Shapeshifting Blood-Drinking Reptilian * Satanic Priestess * Antichrist 666 * Voodoo Mambo * Demon-Possessed Witch * Communer with the Dead * Servant of Strange Entities from Other Dimensions * UFO Quisling * Conspirator * War Criminal *

This unique book seeks to answer these and many other questions. The Occult Hillary Clinton gathers the best facts and arguments behind such startling yet widely held beliefs. See why so many millions of Americans believe!

  • Learn about the secret organizations where Hillary conspires with the rich and powerful ruling elite to shape the future of all mankind.
  • Learn what Hillary’s TRUE politics are — and why they are stranger and more ominous than the mainstream media will dare admit.
  • Explore the terrifying charges of mind-control, blood sacrifice, monstrous secret experiments on unsuspecting American citizens, and communication with the dead!

And more! See why many people of all backgrounds and from across the political spectrum believe Hillary is far more than just another politician. Why millions believe she is in league with the Forces of Darkness — and a threat to all human life on earth.

This book offers nothing less than an alternative history of politics, power and the occult in America. You will never look at the world the same again!  Get your copy today!